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Interoperability Platform

The Challenge

Antel is currently undergoing a process of modernizing its architecture, aiming to streamline internal processes and provide an even better service to its users. Within this framework, it has undertaken the implementation of various systems aimed at enhancing the company’s commercial and operational processes.

These new systems need to seamlessly integrate and communicate with the existing IT platform, using the services and applications already in place within the organization.

Furthermore, there is a need for this system-to-system connection to be swift and efficient, minimizing development timelines and ensuring a smooth transition.

The Proposal

The design and development of highly configurable and flexible low-code middleware tools were proposed, which allow for quick adaptation to different application integration needs and provide the non-technical team of the company with the ability to implement them visually.

The Results

Antel now has a set of low-code application integration tools that allow it to implement various operational processes through visual service orchestration.

This has provided the organization with high speed during implementation, better adaptation to changes, and increased efficiency in human resource utilization, as non-technical individuals can collaborate in the development process.

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