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MDM - (staff augmentation y app modernization)

The Challenge

Our goal is to join a development team that has been working for over 10 years on creating various tools for managing the organization’s core data.

Grasp the business knowledge as fast as possible to continue building these tools and provide value to the organization.

We aim to contribute from our expertise and experience, introducing new capabilities that will enable the evolution of this ecosystem and take it to the next level.

The Proposal

Our goal is to assemble a team of highly skilled professionals, both technically and interpersonally adept, capable of seamlessly join existing teams and understanding the business needs to contribute their knowledge and expertise in the evolution of various systems.

We place equal value on both technical and interpersonal skills in our professionals, ensuring effective and harmonious collaboration within the work teams. In doing so, we ensure a robust team capable of adapting to changes and providing innovative and efficient solutions.


At a team level, a group of highly skilled professionals was successfully assembled showing remarkable adaptability to new work methodologies.

The team wholeheartedly embraced the project, proactively acquiring the essential skills required to tackle the challenge effectively.

Support was efficiently provided for the pre-existing solutions, ensuring compliance with the business requirements concerning the evolution of diverse solutions.

Various enhancements have been implemented in the tech infrastructure, resulting in greater system control, improved robustness, and enhanced high availability.

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